2895. Do I Know How to Work with Other People's Viewpoints?

The teacher, the good teacher must learn how to work in a team of teachers.
He must be open to other minds and viewpoints. It’s something essential at school. Essential to build up a common project.
He must be open-minded and easily able to follow his head’s directions.
He’ll be easy to hold a conversation with his workmates and colleagues. He should be easy to listen to those people, those persons.
He also should translate and adapt his class conducting to his head’s directions, as I said.
And at the same time be creative in order to be versatile, to adapt his labor to his students’ needs and expectations alike.
And easy to build a nice rapport with his workmates all. And learn from his own failures, as well as from his colleagues’ experiences. This is the basic general scheme, I’d say. You could add other stuff from your own experience! / Photo from: chicago-skyline www greencurtainevents com. the picture is just an awesome illustration


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