Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2870. Detecting Bullying!

To prevent from bullying something we teachers can do is to tell our students that they can count on us for possible bullying or for anything else, and also that we’re at their entire disposal.
We teachers can give a short presentation about this conflict to our dear students, and then let them know we’re at their entire disposal.
The students could feel better and even when presenting this speech to them we might detect cross sights across the classroom and notice some nuance in our students’ looking or on their faces. They can be cunning.
Because of that we teachers could have eye-contact during this presentation, in case we could find some possible subtle disruption. Much better it would be also each student would have a tutor with whom they can turn in cases of bullying. The students will be assisted.
Some schools have individual tutors, like in the school where I worked previously in another town south of Spain, near Granada. / Photo from: dish_free_hd pics-about-space com. up to some extent the picture above is a mere illustration for the post
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