Sunday, May 1, 2016

2858. Let's Phone "Our" Parents to the School!

We encounter the fact that it’s parents who have to educate their children, right?
And we teachers plus the school are a prolongation of the family cell, right?
So as a result we have the fact that we teachers should be in close contact with the parents. Let’s see our students’ parents as often as possible, say, once a term as a minimum.
Let’s take the phone and call them to come to school, both of them; besides in that way the parents will appear at the same buildings and classrooms where their children are growing up – what do you think? I guess it’s the fine thing to do, isn’t it?
We teachers have a subsidiary or auxiliary or helping role in our students’ education. And that’s it. Let’s also teach those parents about their essential role: they’re the protagonists, and maybe they could not know it yet! / Photo from: Sunflower-Field blackthumbgardener com
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