2885. Some Useful Tips for Empathizing with Our Students

In order to empathize with our students, both at classes and at tutoring sessions it is useful and helpful to look in their eyes, to keep eye-contact, in other words.
Moreover in that way we show our sincere interest for them. Everyone is important for us. And everyone is unique, right?
When they’re telling us a problem we should be attentive, sincerely attentive, and one way to show that interest toward them is paraphrasing something of what they’re telling us, to show we’re listening to them.
Anything from them, anything they tell us is important for them, though we could think we’re losing our time by listening to trifles – I trust in your discernment.
And also we could write some notes about what they’re saying, for retrieving those problems at later tutoring sessions or classes. / Photo from: www indianagrain com. this picture is an illustration


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