Thursday, May 12, 2016

2874. Fortunately I Can Work Nice with My Senior Students

My senior students are great.
Sometimes when they’ve got to utilize a word they don’t know, they use a paraphrasing or circumlocution expression, or they use Spanish, or they give examples about the unknown word.
I try to speak in English, the target language, all the time, except when it’s necessary because of several reasons. The more I use English, the better, and I’m after it!
Spontaneously my students say things in English to one another during the class: they’re marvelous, and I can work nice all the time, even they smile a little laugh when I say something a bit funny: it’s the way also to motivate them – I shouldn’t be too serious! / Photo from: rainy-days swimmingthe depths com. lately it’s being rainy in Granada
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