2881. How to Relax At Night

Sleeping well is essential for students, and also for us teachers!
You may have little children or babies whom you’ve got to assist at night. But whenever possible, try to relax. How? I’m giving you some clues.
Slow down the rhythm of your thoughts, on purpose.
Listen to silence around you.
Relax the muscles of your face, relax your body, as if it was very heavy.
Just relax your body and mind. Abandon all in God’s hands, in his fatherly hands. Repeat the exercises, and relax your mind: right then you aren’t going to solve any problem – your duty now is sleeping, or better said, resting and relaxing: sleeping is a result.
Breathe slowly, not for too many times: proceed into regular breathing soon. Relax the tension of your face: eyebrows, cheeks, nose. Repeat all, more and more relaxed you’ll be; I assure you. Turn to your sense of humor. / Photo from: 24-04-15Vivir-Cantabria-Valle-del-Nansa www vivircantabria es


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