Monday, May 23, 2016

2888. He Will Thank You in Some Way

When we have to correct somebody, like for example a student, I would tell you to do it gently, but with clearness and a firm mood.
Never humiliating him, and leaving him a way out – he should be able to find an excuse or some way to find himself not humiliated.
Always aside of course.
And thus we could even catch ourselves being thanked and appreciated by our students.
What should be corrected, it should be so, with fortitude, because it’s easier to keep quiet, to look the other way, but this will not help him at all obviously, and our mission is educating those young people.
We may recall some teacher that did this way, and he had authority, moral authority. / Photo from:  The Mental Benefits of Sports www healthline com. the picture is just an illustration, but we'd prefer fair play: let's play nice in our wonderful labor
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