Thursday, May 26, 2016

2891. How to Recommend a Nice Fruitful Summer

In Spain summer vacations take a bit long from now: schools have first to finish the syllabuses and offer the final exams.
I wanted to write about those vacations anyway. Many teens get bored after the first days of vacations: they don’t know how to use time and how to make a responsible use of that period.
From a positive viewpoint I could say that we teachers might assign some useful summer work. In the case of the school subject of English we could assign the reading of a reader. There are nice readers, about suspense, thrillers, classics which are abridged, etc.
The point is to help our dear students to maintain their English, what they’ve learned this school year! We teachers have invested a nice effort too to teach them English, and we shouldn’t lose all our effort plus the kids’ efforts in summer.
In my case also I run a camp where English classes are one of the activities for the boys. They have fun, I can assure you! And girls have their own camp too. I usually attend these camps to offer the students one more chance to practice their English.
I pick up the boys, one by one, from their classrooms, and I take them to my tiny office to have a nice conversation too. The camp venue is a school in a summer vacation place, up on the top of some hills, in front of the Mediterranean Sea and with the background of the high range of Atlas, north of Morocco.
And for the rest of the long summer vacations we teachers could meet with their parents or families for they to teach their children to make good use of time, or anyway help them think of nice activities. The point is for kids to learn to take advantage of such a long period – to engage their brain in fruitful activities... / Photo from: nature-landscapes-hd-wallpapers-26 www wallhd4 com. the picture shows a spring landscape
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