Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2860. On Bullying

At the school where I taught some years ago, in another town north of Granada, Jaén, fortunately we didn’t have bullying, or at least this was detected pretty soon and so didn’t grow too much: it was cut off from its root.
Fortunately too we had individual tutoring sessions with every and each student, so they could tell their tutor about any problems they could have relating their classmates.
As well we teachers used to talk about each student at the assessing and evaluating sessions, every two months approximately.
The students in some way were friends of their tutors, and so easily they could give vents to any problem concerning behavior.
And we teachers used to love our students, with love of benevolence, this is, to wish what’s good for each student, and so we were close to each one.
You can teach only if you love your students. The first premise about teaching is that love of benevolence is the source and engine of teaching and educating: to wish what’s good for each student.
Of course there were some behavior problems but as I said they were detected quite soon. / Photo from: Vermont Farm Country. The picture is just an illustration
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