Sunday, May 22, 2016

2887. Our Students' Troubles Are Our Troubles

The students we teach should know we’re going to listen to them and to their problems... and joys too: sometimes, maybe often they would like to share some joy they have with somebody else.
They must notice we know how to listen to them. And also they should notice we have all the time in the world to just listen to them without any distress, as if the most important thing in our life would be to listen to them, and help them out on their stuff.
They deserve that from us, because they’re important for us. Why so? Because we love them with love of benevolence, and because God loves them too – love of benevolence is to love and wish the best for them. The more generous we are the better.
I trust in your discernment to decide if they just want to spoil and lose time.
And if we cannot listen to them right now we can let them know about that, and we can try to arrange a meeting to carry on with the conversation. / Photo from: airline_pilot_career www universalairsacademy com. the picture is merely an illustration
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