Sunday, May 15, 2016

2879. How to Feel Okay in Our Classes. Follow My Blog

Somebody told me once that my blog is rather humanistic, okay, I guess so too.
Many other teachers offer material and stuff for classes, and that’s wonderful and useful! Shortly ago I got two books from which I might extract a few texts, by typing on the computer, and inspiration as well, plus including original variations on the texts, according to my students' expectations and needs.
I can offer what I know about: how an English language teacher has to do to feel nice – let him feel fine, and that’s okay with him or her, and with me too. Or other different language teachers, not only English.
If anybody is willing to learn what stuff I offer he can have a peek at the labels on the right column on the blog, one that pops out.
Or otherwise scroll down with the mouse, down the blog.
You know what, fellows? I write in English quite a lot more than in Spanish, my mother tongue. And I’m okay with it – sorry for the errors and mistakes: I’m after it! / Photo from: www nasa gov. the picture is just an illustration. I thank you for your comments plus your passing by my blog
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