2291. Working from worksheets

My adult students need some material and topics to talk about and to learn English. This language is like a vehicle language to speak about diverse topics. 

My students usually like the worksheets I give them, also because I include topics they suggest and usual expressions or idioms for their trips out of Spain. 

As well I normally write a composition or story about the same topic. 

The point is to learn some helpful idioms and learn how to speak in English. 

Since they have few classes per week we have focused on aural English, though they also read the worksheets. We work on those worksheets: I read one out, they read it out by turns too, etc. Even they define words in English, answer questions by me, translate usual expressions from Spanish into English (How would you say…?), they also describe pictures from a magazine, etc. 

The worksheet material is taken from conversation books, dictionaries, or idioms and expressions I know. I mean they’re rather simple to be composed. Each student often has his worksheet in front of him or her, during these activities. 

Repetition and revision are pretty important for this way of working. / Photo from: katiegriffinsblog blogspot com


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