Friday, May 15, 2015

2317. How did you learn English?

How to learn and acquire for example a verbal tense? 

In a naturalistic way. 

I was taught by a teacher trainer about that process in four steps: 

1. The student listens to the teacher using that verbal tense, say for instance, present perfect. The student listens to the teacher’s experiences, which are expressed in that verbal tense, as I said. 

2. Now the student can say some experiences of his with the teacher’s help and molding. That’s speaking. 

3. Now the student reads examples, already said, on the chalkboard. Like “I have been to London for three times” They can be sentences written by students on the chalkboard, or by the teacher but said by other classmates. 

4. Finally the student can write examples of curious experiences he has had, like “I have been to a castle for several times”. 

And that’s it. You teacher can adapt those examples to the reality of your classroom. 

Thus the steps are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, this is, in a logical and naturalistic way of learning and acquiring a language. / Photo from: Bicycle_race levenhawk com. the picture is just an illustration
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