Saturday, May 9, 2015

2304. They ARE advancing!!

A feature any teacher must have is patience. 

If you’re a teacher of English or any other language, you must be patient with your students. 

It may seem they don’t learn English, they don’t advance, you cannot see the fruits of your sowing hard... They will speak English fluently within some years, if they wish it strongly. 

Here you have an example: me myself – the merits are not only of mine, of course, I owe to many people and to God himself, and my English is growing day after day. 

There will be fruit, for sure. 

Carry on calmly and easy. Although you cannot see any fruit. You’re sowing the seeds. English is a foreign language for me, but I can manage situations in English nearly as if it was Spanish. I use English as a second language of mine. The students may seem they aren’t learning, but they ARE. / Photo from: kanoe-kayak isthmos gr
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