2312. Can you lend me your dictionary please?

Dictionaries for learning and acquiring a foreign language are essential. 

For regular learners it is better to have a bilingual dictionary. 

I tell my students that the dictionary is like a private teacher: it solves you many problems. 

Online you have for example Wordreference, as you may know – it’s pretty good. 

When reading a novel for instance, how do I use the dictionary? It’s up to you. The most basic point is looking up words that make us hard or impossible understand the text. 

Evidently you can learn the meaning of a certain word from the context. 

Sometimes you’ll use the dictionary more often than not. It depends, it’s up to your likes as well, or necessities. For students should learn how to use it, you can implement a game. You write a word on the chalkboard, and the first kid that finds the word is the winner. They like this game because they like competitions. 

Dictionaries are an indispensable aid, that’s the chief point. / Photo from: student-using-dictionary-underwood-archives fineartamerica com


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