Saturday, May 30, 2015

2358. Just communication among people

Great Jutta Burgraff said human person is a being to answer, to reply, to respond. I trust her statements, and she’s a great thinker of our century. 

It has to do with what Aristotle said that human person is a social being. 

If somebody leaves alone, he gets crazy. Robinson Crusoe would be not possible: it’s a construct, just that, and a great novel. 

Anyway, man is a being to respond. 

So he needs a language of communication and for communication. 

We teachers of English and other modern languages lay a bridge among people: we give the chance to communicate with more people. 

If you’re a native of Spanish and are learning English and have fluency, the panorama of people you can communicate with is just huge and giant. Carry on what you’re doing since it’s your job, you're doing good, and I trust you. / Photo from: maxitis gr
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