Monday, May 25, 2015

2344. Some students don't know how to comment on a text

How to make a commentary on a given text? 

Some students who have the set work of commenting on a text tell you nobody has taught them. 

I would say the first thing is twofold: understanding and enjoying the text. 

Make them read the text several times, and you may let them ask you whatever question. 

After having read the text they will understand more and more, also with the words they asked you about. 

This is the first step. Briefly the rest of the commentary should be about how the writer has made the text for us to understand it; how enjoying it; literary figures, like metaphors; what is special in that text; in few words, all you teacher can tell them: style, etc., whatever you teacher may make to build up a commentary about the text. / Photo from: www dailyteachingtools com
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