Thursday, May 14, 2015

2314. Do you want to be the best teacher?

There are as many ways to be a teacher as there are teachers. 

Anyway, some features they ought to have could be: 
capability to manage a class; 
capability of putting out the best of your students; 
fluent English (we’re talking about teachers of English or other languages); patience; 
moral authority, which you acquire after some years of teaching and above all because you try to do things as the best you can, and you’re serious and have rigor, and you treat your students with deference; 
being an actor or actress; 
the best knowledge of the school subject you teach – you teacher should keep on learning English; 
love of benevolence; 
being aware of youngsters’ likes, if they’re honest and responsible and upright; 
being up to date in ways of teaching and about the stuff you teach; 
being able to connect and being a close person to them, and nice to them; responsibility; 
a good colleague;

One could think you need be a superman, but maybe you already have some of the features above, or others not in the list. 

Besides I could have forgotten something essential. All comments are welcome. / Photo from: spoki tvnet lv 
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