Thursday, May 7, 2015

2299. Preparing summer, which is coming!

I have assisted a summer remedial course for low-achievers students with low grades and fails. It took place in a school in Jaén, north of Granada, where I live now. 

The schedule is hard: a lot of hours of personal work plus study, and classes. Those students who didn’t have fail in their grades for a week had permission for going out of the school; their families picked them up for the weekend. 

As I said the work is hard, and they prepare their school subjects for their remedial exams in September. 

A colleague of ours told me that at the tutoring sessions each boy opened his interior life and told his tutor so many things. As since the tutors treated these kids humanely, the students opened their interior and you could help them a lot. 

They remained and stayed at school for two months. When a person is suffering hard, he’s able to make friends even with their teachers. I add that they had sports and a swimming pool. / Photo from: www youtube com
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