Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2298. Positive motivation hits the bell

I’m mainly gotten involved in my adult students should speak in English. We have few classes left. 

This morning some of my students, after having read it for rather long, have summarized a story I composed for them in a worksheet. 

The main point is to be understood by listeners – namely me plus the rest of the class-group. They have made nice summaries, with mistakes and errors but they could be understood by the rest of us. 

I can see my students are advancing, and I congratulated one of them specially, and let them know everybody is advancing. 

What I mean is that positive motivation boosts a great deal the learning and acquiring of English by the students. I have clearly declared to my students that they are advancing. I’ve told them about this point lately more often. 

Besides, at the end of the class-period, every day, I thank them for their attention, which is another point of positive motivation, I think. / Photo from: 1903 Old Student Postcard. www rubylane com
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