Saturday, May 9, 2015

2302. I'm optimistic becuase I have hope!

Religious education. It is urgent to give it and pass it on to our children and to our youth. 

Family is the atmosphere where this education should be lived by its members and relations. Not only school or catechesis should be here the educators, but parents and siblings alike. 

Faith is something so valuable that we have got to plan it for the children of our family. 

I’m Roman Catholic. If you’re other religion I will respect you, of course!, but I cannot help to say that I believe in that truth. 

Parents and elder siblings should teach young children to pray to a loving God, who has the love and affection and tenderness and care and providence of a father and a mother. I will soon write more about this important point, which is one of a paramount importance. 

Just a line more: Christians have weapons and means to face up with life more abundant than a person who has no religion and hope. I pray for you readers, right now. / Photo from: woman_in_church_praying bishoysbblog com
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