2316. What would you do in such a class? It isn't simple

One day, when teaching in rather near Jaén, I had to make a substitution or replacement of a teacher. 

I was shot by a sub-director at a school hall, who told me please to go to such or such classroom, for the titular teacher could not attend the class. 

I remember it was a class of 9 or 10 year students. What to do for an hour? 

I obviously had planned nothing. 

Ok, I shall tell them a story. I can also remember that I was improvising, making up the story as I was walking right to left and left to right in the front of the classroom. 

Since they were young, I had to make a bit of a clown or at least an actor. 

You know what? I got to be talking for nearly that hour. Yet I don’t remember now what I did for the rest of the class-period. 

What I mean is that if possible, the teacher should have the ability of making up tales as well, and improvising! However there’re teachers with more or with less imagination or something that kind. / Photo from: Teacher-500 www njfamily com


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