Friday, May 15, 2015

2318. I admire that teacher, you know?

In many secondary schools there are pretty a lot of problems with discipline. 

Ok, but I know teachers that have a capability of management of the class and discipline that are not just being like a sergeant. 

Their authority comes from a moral authority. 

They are leaders. 

And in their classes there are not many problems of this kind. 

They are upright people, with a lot of virtues and with only their presence all becomes peaceful, as if by magic. No doubt they also have to exert some management and the like, but as I said they have a moral authority. 

Their manners and even the way they dress and the way they live hygiene, all in them expires authority. And they are loved by their students, with a love of admiration and some awe. 

Oh, I forgot it: their way of working in the class is serious but gentle at the same time. Even they smile! Don’t we have something to imitate from them? / Photo from: studyenglish edu vn
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