Monday, May 25, 2015

2346. It's a matter of love

Let’s go to the roots for a while. 

Man was created by God, by God’s love. God was happy and desired and wished somebody else be happy. 

Man carries out his mission by love. His mission is to love others, with love of benevolence. 

Who must he love first and most? God himself. 

Now talking about everyday stuff: the teacher should love his students. Only with this love of benevolence he can help a student to carry out a difficult exercise, to carry out his life. 

I suggest, if you like, to read this post several times, and slowly, understanding and comprehending the post. I hope it be any useful. Oh, by the way, all this is compatible with evolution. / Photo from: kids-on-grass-2 mustbethisalltoride com
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