Monday, May 11, 2015

2308. Can you pick me up to the school?

Now, right now, I’ve thought I’ve written many a thing about classes, methodology, the school, one’s family… But, what about when heading for the school? 

You can go there: serious, concentrated, whistling, cross, happy, with a zillion ideas about next class… 

I go ok, thinking of my students, and what I’m going to teach and tell them, plus I offer the labor to God, to whom I turn for help; other times I ask my guardian angel and tell him he should teach the class. 

Oh, and sometimes I go to school or that center for grown-ups, somehow tired, but happy and optimistic, most of the times, and I love teaching and treating persons. 

Well, today I talked a lot about myself; how do you do? / Photo from: chinese school children walking with teacher www corbisimages com
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