Sunday, May 17, 2015

2322. How to face up classes

t isn’t enough to teach a class after another and this is it. 

Every class must be a step forward. Because of that you plan your classes – with an aim at least. 

Each class should have pushed the students forward; they must be a bit more fluent for example, because they made a presentation. 

It isn’t enough to just let days pass. 

You should assess your students at each class, in some way or another: on the class-list, for example, you grade one student’s contribution. 

It isn’t enough to fall on a mere routine. You should give yourself to your students; you must feel tired after each class, because you did your best, trying the students do their best. / Photo from: Julien Roussel during week 15 www atlanticcyclingcentre com. The pic is a mere illustration, a nice one
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