Friday, September 30, 2016

2999. On This Blog, for It Be Useful!

I’ve told you all that every single day I pick up a word or two or three, from an English dictionary in order to learn and memorize them.
Some other times I pick up those words from novels, at random. It’s a way of learning and acquiring new words. Sometimes even I acquire a word I wasn’t aware I was gaining and memorizing. These latter words come to my mind whenever I’m writing and need a given word.
Also I pick up ideas from educating books and websites, randomly too, for example from TeacherLingo.
Well, it works fine for me. I try to be bilingual, which is something not simple to attain: I’m after it.
On purpose I try to write posts that might be useful and helpful for you readers. Oh I thank you all for visiting my blog. Hope it be any useful for you teachers and educators – a teacher is an educator too, because all we do educates or the opposite to our dear students.
In some way what I do is collecting words and idioms: with perseverance one day after another and so on I can handle and deal with a big vocabulary and lexis. Most of the ideas I include in this blog appear also in the book I wrote although didn’t publish, but turned it into this blog. So I intend to help out you teachers and educators. / Photo from: www thehopeline com. the picture is a mere illustration.
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