Friday, September 9, 2016

2980. When At College Myself

This blog would be incomplete if I didn’t talk about the study habits I got when I was at college.
I have studied a lot of English at a study hall or library, for many, many hours. I’ve got to tell you about this point. I’m thinking of my degree for example. I studied the degree of English Language Philology, 1987 through 1992.
Now what I mean is that I’ve sat for many hours to carry out my degree as a philologist. I well remember so many hours of sitting to study, as I said, at libraries or study halls, at college centers or residences. I got good study habits, thank God.
I would write an incomplete blog unless I wrote about this point. Something interesting and curious: in those years people and college students alike used to smoke at those locals and obviously there were ashtrays on the studying tables. Thus you could see a stuffy and smoky atmosphere, close to a cloud or some mist at those places!
After my graduation I’ve carried on by studying at those centers and somewhere else. And I have nice remembrances of my hours spent there.
Some people say the best period of life is the college degree one has studied. More specifically I’ve spent a lot of hours by revising, studying, reading through class notes... Plus some manuals and encyclopedias and bibliography as well. Plus I’ve written many essays and translations from Old English to Modern English for example. / Photo from: good-study-habits www collegemagazine com
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