Friday, September 2, 2016

2971. Our Dear Students as Single Diamonds

We teachers at individual tutoring sessions with our dear students should treat them a little better than they really are.
Otherwise we would not make anything to better and improve them as persons.
This entails and implies politesse at treating them – even some kind of… how should I say it?... kind of aristocracy of intelligence, and some excellence.
Obviously we should also respect them as they are, and treat them as follows: male teachers could make tutoring sessions with male students and the same about women and girls. That’d be so because at individual tutorials we reach intimacy, as the students could tell things of their own: study, family, friends, possible bullying, how they feel, how they think about life facts.
Also we tutors should learn how to listen.
Instead of thinking of what we have got to tell them, the first point is trying to listen to them and their giving vents to their frustrations or troubles or problems. Or joys!
Anyway it’s sound to think of what we could tell them, for their firm education.
I’d say a lot about their parents and families, but here today I only suggest that we should be in (close if possible) contact with their parents or families, for it’s them who have the first duty to educate their kiddos – we’re just helpers, and parents and families (elder siblings) have the right to educate their kids. / Photo from: carpenter www history org. our labor with our students is as delicate as craftsmen and artisans': we polish our dear students as single masterpieces – what a responsibility! And common sense we need!
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