Tuesday, September 6, 2016

2977. How to Assess Learning English

Spanish learning expert Bernabé Tierno advocates school continuous assessment.
Think of the school subject of English as a foreign (or second) language, which is a very practical one.
If we teachers implement continuous assessment, actually we are assessing and evaluating all the learning and acquiring process, and the effort and commitment the student has invested and applied.
We don’t just assess the end of the learning and acquiring process but the process itself, plus the final communicative competence the student has gotten as well.
The expert above postulates that this way of evaluating work is more humane. Also it prevents from the student’s anxiety, plus it is more realistic.
I’m in favor of this way of behaving. I’ve implemented it all my career long and so I agree with that expert, definitely! I guess assessing-the-end procedure would be rather old-fashioned, wouldn’t be?
/ Photo from: katie-ledecky-main indianapress com. Well, you know, at Olympic Games what is evaluated is the result, what the athlete achieves at the end of a long training and practicing process, but with regard to school learning we should assess all the process alike. Well, athletes are tracked by their coaches, right?
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