Thursday, September 8, 2016

2979. Implement Practical Activities!

We English or other language teachers have to take care about treating the school subject of English or other languages as something very practical in the classroom.
We don’t teach facts about the foreign or second language but we teach how to communicate in those languages!
The approach to the language will be communicative. With regard to a verbal tense for instance we would not present it as we would present “Life in Ancient Egypt” for example, but we could conduct at classes by following the next four steps, in order to teach how to use that verbal tense:
1) The students listen to examples of that tense said by the teacher.
2) The students repeat and answer questions by using that verbal tense, for example present perfect, to talk about experiences.
3) The students read out examples on the chalkboard.
4) They write and invent examples of the usage of that verbal tense, on their notebooks.
Thus, we have some logical way of learning and acquiring present perfect. Moreover at the classroom the teacher should create a nice atmosphere of immersion in English, also by giving announcements in English, and conducting in that language in general: he will try to say all in English.
The students will answer and reply in English too, all the time. / Photo from: Airplane terraceatkuta com. is there anything more practical than learning how to pilot an airplane?
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