Thursday, September 1, 2016

2968. Good News for Foreign or Second Language Teachers!

I was thinking about what I said on post 2965, about the point that I usually learn one, or two, or three new words every day, tentatively.
I said that I learn some words that I’m not aware of my learning them, okay. Well that’s a case of acquisition, and not less than that: acquisition! And I’m not an infant or a baby, so an adult can also acquire the foreign language.
And now we can extrapolate that point about our teen or adult students: if they’re exposed to a lot of English, both by listening and by reading, they shall acquire that language!
This is good news for us second or foreign language teachers; we can congratulate ourselves about the fact that we can provide chances for our students to acquire English or whatever language we’re dealing with. The more we get our students exposed to the language, the more they’ll acquire the language, both listened to and read texts. It’s good news for us teachers in Spain, who are starting a new school year today, September 1st. /
Photo from: coachesacrosscontinents org. I set that picture because young children have a more flexible mind to acquire their mother or foreign or second languages. African children. By the way, the two front-view kids are wearing polo shirts of two Spanish soccer teams: Barcelona and Real Madrid
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