Sunday, September 25, 2016

2994. A Quick Way of Relaxing for Teachers

Today is Sunday, a day for resting and relaxing, for most of us. A day for the family, friends, sport, for God – well, every day can be devoted to him, because we’re his children. And all the day for him, and that among our regular activities: they get joy for us.
I was thinking of a quick way of relaxing: it’s helpful for me even at any circumstances. Look, relax your body, like it were very heavy, then relax your face – we accumulate so many tensions on our face. And finally slow down your stream of thoughts, as if they were going more slowly; and also listening to silence or even to noise around us can make us relax and rest.
Well, all this is okay with me and some doctors advise about all this. I could write for longer about relaxing but I’d rather write on a quick way of relaxing.
I said something about we are children of God: if we think that way we will feel or at least intellectually learn we’re at home, at his home at any circumstance we can be passing through.
Also if we think of others’ things we shall feel less pressed by our own distress – just try: think of others and be prone to help out. / Photo from: autumn_lake_trees_mountains-2048x1152 www bhmpics com. Two days ago I set a similar landscape as my computer background: a fall landscape.
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