Saturday, September 17, 2016

2986. Communication, Just Communication!

If you’re a second or a foreign language teacher remember that messages to learn that language at classes should be meaningful for our students.
Sometimes we teachers can say many things, but they’re boring for our students.
Talk about their interests, for example talk about their city, their classmates, even about nice things concerning the daily conducting of classes, when we teachers and students interact among us in a nice way.
Sometimes our messages and all that has to do with learning and acquiring English (for example) is so far from our lives! So the students can see the second or foreign language classes as something so far from their lives. If that’s the case they will not apply themselves to learn that language.
If I say that from a positive viewpoint, we have to make classes into something practical and naturalistic! Do we know about our students’ interests? Sports, their friends, their families, their likes, music, movies, favorite songs… better if they’re clean likes and loves, which are in accordance to their dignity as unique persons.
Something we can do in order to learn about them is to talk with them between classes, at tutorial sessions or at the recess, or whenever the chance shows up. / Photo from: woman_dog_airplane www pel360 com. many youngsters like dogs!
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