Monday, September 5, 2016

2975. TeacherLingo Teachers

I’ve been posting at TeacherLingo for rather long, and I’ve seen you teachers laboring and sharing lesson plans, worksheets, other planning works and project works too, along these years.
And I’ve also seen you’re a body of teachers who can carry out big enterprises and set an example of brave work and self-discipline.
I’m proud of having shared TeacherLingo website with you all.
No doubt you’re the teachers who can pull the cart of teaching great persons forward. Thank you very much for your example. I could name a nice number of you, because I’ve seen you at the top-100-blog list. You’re great. I hope still I will see you for long again.
I’m so grateful to TeacherLingo too! / Photo from: airplane www wired com. for flying a plane joined efforts are needed too
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