Saturday, September 3, 2016

2972. Our Work Has The Beauty of Sport

Students’ assessment in a written way should be eminently practical.
What we should measure and evaluate would be our students’ communicative competence, and not much about their theoretical knowledge.
We are foreign or second language teachers that teach and train our students at their capability of communicating, speaking and writing in that language.
At written tests I include one question about vocabulary, one question on which students have got to compose a story for example, and other questions which measure and evaluate their competence at communicating in English with me.
On another post I will write about the preference of continuous assessment, instead of merely term assessment.
We are teachers of a language and our school subject is very practical and pragmatic. / Photo from: Cycling-Wallpaper www webgrandth com. at cycling competitions the jury has to assess and evaluate players’ abilities and skills, which is what we have to assess alike
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