Thursday, September 22, 2016

2990. A Big Project in Our Hands!

A teacher should know how to work within a team of teachers.
I’ve written a lot about many topics, right? But also we should consider our personal work as inside a group. We are parts of a group, and we should adapt our work to being part of that team.
For example we should listen to the department head, but also we should listen to the other team members, our colleagues. And I guess we should be attentive to what they do and the way they do it. And even have the first-class human category of learning from them too. And this albeit we can be more veterans than that teacher.
And also we should be attentive to the way they are and the mood they are today: Did you notice his face and his look today? He must have (or may have) a personal problem: I could offer myself to him, in case he may be in need of anything. His face today is not nice, something may be going on with him, and I should cover his concerns: his teaching today concerns me too!
And also just because I’m part of a team, where that teacher is another member.
I cannot be isolated from him: the school is ours. The company is ours, is mine too. Also I’ll have the comforting thought that if I fail or am sick one day I know I will be understood and assisted: we aren’t Robinson Crusoe, who has to handle the situation by himself!
I shall be understood and assisted, as I said. I’m not perfect and I need the other teachers’ help, don’t I? / Photo from: goodwp_com airbus. A plane can fly only if there’s a team behind, supporting the common project of flying such a big thing!
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