Monday, September 19, 2016

2987. On Our Students' Dignity

I said something about our students’ dignity on the previous post, okay. Their dignity is not less than they’re created to the image and likeness of God, as you may know. Also they are children of God, as also you may know (!).
We are called to become and live as children of God. This a transcendent and accurate view of the human person. We can have this dimension of our students when we teach them. And when we treat them, inside and outside the classroom.
As well when we have to correct them or scold them. We shouldn’t scold them in public, although we can call their attention about what they failed to do well, of course. And at other moments we can explain to them why they misbehaved. At that moment we are before a human person, and we cannot degrade them, albeit we can be pretty upset and mad about their behavior.
How were we when we were their age? Didn’t we ever bother any teacher? Our students will mature as adults, over time. / Photo from: quantum computer www youtube com. The picture is just an illustration. Scientists say quantum computers will replace our present computers, and they’ll be much faster than our today computers.
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