Thursday, September 29, 2016

2998. Any Person as Unique!

Any student deserves my attention as a teacher, like he was the only student I had!
Yesterday a friend of mine went swimming one more day and came across a homeless, typically dirty and the like, lying down on the ground. He thought he could not pass by and that’s it. He told the poor man that he was going to call the police or the Red Cross for them to assist him.
Some minutes later he just found a police car, one of the local police, and since the traffic light was red and the car had stopped, my friend told one police officer about the homeless man, and the police officers told him they already knew him and they would do the appropriate and right thing, and they thanked my friend.
Any person, because he’s a person, deserves all our attention.
I should assist a student of mine as if he was the only student I had. If then, at that precise moment I cannot assist my student I will tell him I will do so whenever possible, and I could write down and scribble a note about that student’s point.
But often we will be able to help that student at that precise moment, because it may be a thing we can arrange right then, and what they demand from us is listening, listening, listening.
The virtue and value of charity is affection too. I knew some teachers who “lost” their precious time to spend a while with a small group of students after a class, having a small laugh: that’s the point! Moreover that teacher could make up a group of pupils that would follow his mastership about teaching English that way in the future, when that teacher would retire. / Photo from: how to lead up www huffingstonpost com. mountaineers usually help one another, right?
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