Wednesday, September 14, 2016

2985. Teachers' Learning

We teachers should read and re-read material about our job, I assume.
We give to other people and teach them from what we have, and not from what we don’t. We can consult material also from other teachers in the Web – you well know we can learn from other colleagues, like for example from the Teacher Lingo’s website.
I also read from English native teachers for me to learn idioms, phrases and expressions in that language.
All we read influences on us. We may think we have lost what we’ve read, but think otherwise: what we read influences upon us at that moment and gives us a new way of thinking and conducting, and so it influences on our common regular life.
One example I can give you all again is that when typing a new post some words come to my mind, and they may be words I was not aware I had learned.
So you can think that our readings mark and configure our biographies. This one is an insight I think of it sometimes: we can give to other people what we have and not what we don’t, remember, plus if you teach for example Science you will teach from your readings, which will come to your head at that moment. / Photo from: windows-8-bradley-wiggins-cycling-wallpaper-1440x900 www windows8wallpapers com. the picture is just a nice illustration
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