Monday, September 5, 2016

2974. A Class into A Mess You Said?

Yesterday I said something about relaxing, right? A quick relaxing technique would be: relaxing your members, then your face and then your mind: slowing down the stream of consciousness.
For instance we can do this before a class.
When we’re at any class, if we’re tense, better we should be careful, for we could assign a punishment we wouldn’t set at other more relaxed times. Otherwise we would set some correcting punishment and penalty that we could not follow at all!
I remember about a colleague teacher of ours that once said, to cut off a small “riot”: Everyone has one point less at last test (in Spanish). Because: Okay, so what are you gonna do with those students that got 5: 4 would be fail, because in Spain we assign points out of 10 standard: the maximum is 10 and the lowest grade is 0.
Better if we talked with the disruptive student at other times, when we’re more judicious.
And what about the starting of the week labor on Mondays? Now for example make a very few firm resolutions about those points that deserve more care, like cutting short and choking off the starting vicious habit of a student’s.
Thus the point is preventing that student from being disruptive and perhaps to have a nice word with him aside, when we’re more relaxed from that misbehavior. Don’t you think so?
Apart I will say something about other things different from discipline and class management: we would hold a poor perspective if we centered all our strength upon discipline and class management, wouldn’t we? / Photo from: Marx Brothers. We have to avoid turning the class into a mess, like the tremendous scenes of their fantastic movies. We teachers have a high dignity and even authority grade, like police or doctors: if you make any kind of bad things at teachers, remember these ones have the rank of authorities
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