Thursday, September 22, 2016

2991. A Big Project in Our Hands! (2)

I just noticed I should have written “A Big Project in Our Hands” instead of “On Our Hands”. I assume some people may have noticed the mistake (but not an error, because I knew the right preposition anyway).
I’ve just looked up the meanings of “on my hands”, and some online dictionaries told me that if you have something on your hands, that means you have to deal with a problem – okay I didn’t know it, I learned something new.
Sorry for the mistake. Well, I’m just a learner of English myself, and since that’s the case I guess I can help my students (and learners) at their process of learning and acquiring a language, English namely.
Have a nice evening everybody! / Photo from: china-clipper1 the panam series jpbtransconsulting com. remember: to fly a plane you need a team of people. To carry out a school, you also need a wonderful team!
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