Saturday, September 24, 2016

2993. More about Grown-Ups and Kids and Their Learning

As I said adults have learning strategies that teens don’t have.
For example when they study history they can contemplate it within an ample context and background, or in other words they can relate a history episode to other history episodes they already know. And they have more life history than youngsters, obviously.
When learning and acquiring English they can plan their studying better than kids usually do. All this is so because they have life-knowledge and world-knowledge, oh plus they have their job-experience, which are things teens don’t have or have little.
My experience tells me that grown-ups can easily learn and acquire English, and even faster than teens: they also have a work-fortitude and perseverance teens have not gotten yet.
Alike they can match what they’re learning with something already learned: they can compare present simple with present continuous or past simple with present perfect: my experience shows that they take hints faster than kids. And remember: they can plan and receive self-feedback from themselves and their learning in a way teens just cannot do. / Photo from: fall landscape www zastavki com. I guess it is a russian landscape. I would say here in southern Spain we still are like in summer and you can’t find landscapes that way
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