Friday, September 23, 2016

2992. Grown-Ups And Teens: They Learn So Differently

Intuition is like an instrument we can use to learn and acquire English.
I use it myself and it’s okay for learning, as I said. I have intuitions about the usage of either singular o plural. Look, I mean, we say “a teacher trainer”, but “a teacherS community”, with the –s of plural, while we also say “a thirteen-year old kid”, without the –s at “year”.
I think I can assist other English-language learners, because I’m a learner myself, like I said.
Expert Stevick wrote about a learner, a grown-up one, who had intuitions about what two foreign-language teachers were talking about: she guessed what they could be talking about from their expressions, gestures, intonation, changes of intonation, face features…
This learner was learning (and acquiring!) a Scandinavian language, which languages are not simple I would say. She could progress a lot thanks to these intuitions!
And it’s not formal learning but a vivid one: it’s something which is not linguistic, properly speaking – it has to do with world-knowledge, life-knowledge: in other words experience, which is so limited at teens’ case. / Photo from:  ford tri-motor www trimotors awiggins com. the picture is a mere illustration, which has to do with the pictures of the two previous posts: history of aviation.
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