Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2989. Well, If You Want to Gain Communication...

So we have seen there are a learning process and an acquisition process, of a foreign language, like English. Okay then. And the students have to learn grammar rules and the irregular verbs alike, for example: it’s a help for learning and acquiring English.
So they have to spend a lot of time by studying and learning grammar and vocabulary.
Yesterday we saw that acquisition is okay for learning a foreign language like English. And it’s sound too to dedicate many hours to studying manuals and textbooks.
Well, that’s what I’ve done with my learning English: I can say I’ve spent a lot of hours before my books, at a library or a study hall.
And any student ever will have to do the same. They have to engage their brains and memories peacefully at libraries, study rooms and at home as well. A person who can say he’s learned English – and he keeps doing so, because learning English takes a lifetime, will have to say he’s spent many hours at studying, he’s sunk the elbows.
And also I can admit that I did and do like studying: it’s a grand task, no less than that! / Photo from: wallpapercave com. Cycling demands perseverance, as studying demands perseverance too.
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