Monday, September 26, 2016

2995. Can You Understand The Lyrics?

I’ve often said that we teachers should create immersion into the foreign language at classes, okay.
And also that we should speak in English all the time – the target language. Even announcements. And that we may present grammar in Spanish anyway, but only grammar: the rest should be in English – Spanish is both mine and my students’ mother tongue.
And how can my students understand what I’m saying? Okay, by speaking clearly, vocalizing, speaking slowly if necessary, by using cognates (words that are similar to Spanish ones, like “preoccupied” is similar to “preocupado”, although I will also say “worried”), also by using our chalkboard or smartboard, by drawing pictures and diagrams if necessary, by repeating the core idea, by paraphrasing, by means of gestures, etc.
And the students will understand more and more, and classes will be a special time and atmosphere when English is the natural communication vehicle.
If we do all that we will view astonishing results! And the students’ motivation will be boosted upward, because they’ll see they can understand and use English as a second language! / Photo from: the-beatles-circa-1966 www mudofth com. For my young students they are like prehistoric but I like some of their music anyway!
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