Monday, September 5, 2016

2976. Toward Excellence

A couple days ago I was walking along the street sidewalk and caught a conversation between two young people, a girl and a young man, okay.
This second one was saying that he would get 3 at next English language exam – out of 10, remember: in Spain we grade 0 through 10, with decimals too.
And I thought, what can we do in Spain concerning learning and acquiring English as a foreign language? I cannot judge that young man, the one with his 3, and I don’t know him, but I ask myself what we can do in our country regards mastering a foreign language, the one which is the most widely used in our planet…
I guess in my country we still are far from a culture of foreign languages, although this is changing more and more, and you can also hear speaking in English on the street, more than before.
By no way do I condemn my colleagues’ labor, who have to bear with their students, perhaps in a large classroom and with a lot of them.
Let’s prepare and train our students in mastering English through a communicative approach, by also making them aware of the marvelous step we have to jump over to reach another kind of standard regarding English and other foreign languages.
Those colleagues are training more and more students to pass for example B2, C1 and C2: respectively equal to First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency, within Cambridge Examinations and within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. / Photo from: bleacherreport com. Olympic athletes have set an example of striving and struggling for good
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