Tuesday, September 13, 2016

2984. Other Nice People at School

Every person has the right to receive education, so as for him to become free and responsible.
So every student of ours should receive his education first from his parents (and the rest of his family), and as a help from us his teachers and the rest of the school personnel.
Every person at the school educates the students, from the cooks to the cleaning personnel, also counting on the janitor, and of course on us teachers. We shouldn’t forget those other nice and precious school people, beside teachers!
Thus all we do influence on the kids, and we have the lovely responsibility of educating and forming the kids, as I said, as a help for their parents and families.
The parents are the first educators, okay, and as a help their elder siblings. Therefore we teachers should receive and meet with their parents, tentatively as frequent as possible, and the minimum ought to be twice a term, let’s say. In other cases we will have tutoring sessions every month or three weeks, if possible. If we plan in that way, in the end we will have fewer tutoring sessions.
/ Photo from: chicago-skyline freelook info. The picture is just a nice illustration. It’s easy to make out that is a picture of Chicago, because of the tallest building we can see on it, whose name was...
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