Monday, September 12, 2016

2983. Why Can We Learn A Different Language?

Why can we learn, and acquire too, a language? Because we human people have an innate sense and capability of language, according to some scholars and to also scholar Susana Pastor Cesteros, of Universidad de Alicante, in Spain.
A grand scholar who agrees with the theory of acquisition of also another language was Krashen.
We human people have a capability of constructing our language and other languages in a creative way.
All these theories are very practical: both if an infant –a child that cannot speak yet- and an adult, if exposed to a language, they can actually learn and acquire it.
So because of that we teachers should dedicate a massive output of production of a second or foreign language, like for example English or Spanish, in the classroom. We should provoke immersion into those tongues in our classrooms and at our class-periods. Immersion, immersion is a key point in teaching English, French, etc.
Let’s not speak in the mother tongue but all in the target language, and in that way we are provoking a sheer immersion into the target language. Even let’s give our students announcements in those tongues, I mean stuff that is not particular of the school typical activities, but about logistics, like “Next Friday we will make an exam…” / Photo from: Traveling-By-Air-With-Your-Dog-2 www newdogworld com. the picture is just a nice illustration
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