Wednesday, September 7, 2016

2978. Fair Play Please!

To give a lecture to a disruptive student, and to tick him off, and to get so angry, to scold and ridicule him in public? Let’s be careful.
He’s a person, and he deserves the dignity of such a person.
Better to have him to be quiet and attentive, in a smart and clever way. And when we teachers are more relaxed and less upset, we can gain him with affection and fortitude by denouncing what is bad about his behavior.
Moreover, otherwise he could get touched and morally injured, and he could keep resentment and rancor. And that’s not a nice way, no man, no way.
I regret the rather few cases when I might have ridiculed a student. I would do it now in another way. Now I would teach kids in a different mood and mode, with other ways to keep discipline.
Let’s remember the best discipline is self-discipline and having our students focused on our common labor – we’re like a team, both teacher and students, embarked in learning a language, for I’m still learning and acquiring English.
From time to time I use a word I had learned without being aware of that acquisition: I could have grasped that word while reading a novel massively and intensely too, like for example the word “judicious”, which really exists in English and it was used by me a few posts before!
/ Photo from: kids_football www telegraph co uk. sport can be a very educative school subject, according to a colleague of mine’s opinion. Let’s also remember to take care of decency and decorum at locker rooms (or changing rooms in BrE)
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